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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nursery #2 Construction Complete

The title is misleading.
Let's just get that out of the way.
This project started out being our new nursery but has since taken on a new role...
I introduce to you, our new TODDLER room!

Bare bones, eh?
Our plan was to move all our nursery paraphernalia to the new room (crib, rocker, etc...) and re-do Elliot's space but when we really started thinking about it, we got lazy smart and decided to keep everything there 
to avoid moving it.
As much as I loved creating a new nursery, I think I love creating a toddler room more.
Elliot is nearly two years old and she is finally at the stage that she can appreciate all the crap I put in there.
(I say toddler room, but I really mean Launa room, just know that.)
The location of this room in the house makes more sense to keep it for our loud, active child rather than a newborn.
It's just off the main living space which is where she does most of her loud activities and the nursery will remain towards the back of the house where I'm hoping the new baby will get a little more peace and quiet (did I really just say that in reference to a new baby?).

I don't really plan on changing much of anything in the nursery, I still love it and looking back at how long I used everything (less than 2 years), it makes my bank account cry.

We have a few things moved in since this photo, after all we are weeks away from the new baby, but we are working hard to try to get everything moved before our focus shifts to new baby coos.

Until then...